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Somaliland: Opposition Party members arrested for opposing Las Anod War

Hargeisa March 11, 2023 (SD) – The Secretary of Youth and Sports of the WADDANI opposition party in Somaliland, Yusuf Nuux Yusuf (Tadhase), has criticized the government of the outgoing president Musa Bihi for targeting WADDANI youth members.

Secretary Yusuf stated that the current situation of the arrested youth is shameful and unacceptable. Sharmarke Garad Aadan Hassan and Abdiasis Keyse Cali (Daad-madheed) are members of the WADDANI party and are known for their activism. Their arrest is seen as a result of the government’s crackdown on opposition members.

According to party insiders, the arrested members were campaigning for mass peace rallies in Hargeisa, and the youth wing of the party is said to be opposed to the war in Las Anod.

Article 32 of the constitution of Somaliland affords the arrested party members the right to express their opinions and ideas on how to achieve their greatest aspirations and their vision for a better future, the secretary said.

The government of Musa Bihi has been accused of neglecting the needs and rights of the citizens, and it is considered the most repressive government since the establishment of Somaliland.

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