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Somaliland orders prosecution for those participating in politics in Somalia, declares it ‘treasonable’

Somaliland has declared as ‘treasonable’ for anyone from the break-away region to participate in politics in Somalia in yet another tough stance against politicians from the region who are currently involved in parliamentary elections in Mogadishu.

A decree from the Presidency Wednesday noted that the government would be prosecuting those involved in politics in line with previous resolutions passed by parliament.

The Muse Bihi administration ordered in October during the Upper House elections in Mogadishu that it will be prosecuting those who were participating in the exercise. Some delegates and candidates who were participating in the elections covered their faces amid fears of reprisals from the Somaliland government.

Somaliland broke away from Somalia in May 1991 and declared itself independent but has not been recognized internationally as an independent state.

The break-away region has representation through the clan system both in the Upper and Lower chambers of the Federal Parliament. Amongst its seniormost members are deputy prime minister Mahdi Guled and outgoing senate speaker Abdi Hashi.

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