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Somali Woman becomes mayor of a US city

(SD) – South Portland City Council in the state of Maine in the United States has elected a woman of Somali origin as its mayor.

Deeqa Abdi Dhalac, a Somali woman, elected mayor of South Portland, the fourth largest city in the state of Maine, and her has been hailed by Somalis around the world.

“I think that represented what America is all about. You know, America is a place where is this amazing land that is anybody can become whoever they want if they really work hard and make relationships,” Dhalac said.

The Somali woman who became the mayor of South Portland was one of the seven elected members of the city council.

Deeqa Abdi Dhalac will be the first Somali-Muslim African-American immigrant to serve as mayor in the United States, and her success will pave the way for many Somalis in that country.

“We hope Mayor Dhalac will help inspire a new generation of American Muslims as they take an increasing role in building a better society,” spokesperson for (CAIR) Ibrahim Hooper said.

South Portland Mayor ,Deeqa Abdi Dhalac, came to the United States in 1992. She served the people of that city for years.

Dhalac will chair her first City Council meeting Tuesday night.

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