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Somaliland Parliament approved an electoral law without women’s quota

Hargeisa (SD) – Members of the Somaliland House of Representatives in a session today have approved the amendments and additions to the Electoral and Voter Registration Law No. 90/2020 which they have been debating in recent days.

Today’s session was chaired by the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of Somaliland Mr. Ahmed Yasin Sheikh Ali Ayanle.

The Somaliland House of Representatives has removed the quota for women and marginalized communities in the new electoral law, a move seen as regressive by social justice and democracy activists.

The country’s legislator body in controversial decision also rejected the law that allowed MP from some parts of eastern Somaliland elected in a quota.

The session reportedly erupted in chaos during the disputed vote, MPs were seen disrupting the process few times just as they did yesterday.

Its up to the three national parties now to ensure Women and other minority communities get their representation in Parliament.

Representatives voted on the Electoral bill item by item.

Ahmed Yassin Sheikh Ali Ayanle, the first deputy speaker of the house of representatives, informed the members of the house that the 43rd session of the house is over and they will go on a 45-day recess.

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