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Somaliland Police chief denies arrest of suspects

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Police Chief Brigadier General Mohamed Aden Saqadhi (Dabagalle) dismissed reports that the police had arrested suspects and confiscated weapons, warning those who are accustomed to spreading false information.

A false statement reportedly from the Somaliland Police Force, has been widely circulated on social media such as Facebook said “The security forces of the Republic of Somaliland in the past 48 hours and arrested 13 people suspected of plotting terrorist attacks in Hargeisa and Burao. Police have also seized weapons and explosives, and security forces are also pursuing other members suspected of involvement. ”

Chief of Police Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Saqadhi called them lies, as per Dawan newspaper.

Commander Mohamed warned the public against spreading speculative information about the Army.

“I would like to warn the Somaliland public against spreading untrue information about the Police Force, we will soon share the news on Somaliland Police Force’s site, which has been confirmed by Facebook.”

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