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Somaliland: Fighting erupts in Tukaraq

Lasanod (SD) – A group led by Colonel Faysal Falalug called the Re-Liberation of Somalia (SSC) has launched a major attack on a Somaliland military base in the Sool region.

Falalug forces attacked the base in Hagarrey area of Tukaraq district in the region, where many Somaliland National Army troops were stationed.

The attack was repulsed by the forces stationed at the base, which resulted few hours of clashes between Somaliland forces and the Falalug led rebels.

The fighting resulted in casualties on both sides, residents said, although the exact number of casualties is not yet known.

There has been no confirmation from either the rebel group or the Somaliland government about the fighting in Tukaraq, but it is possible that in the coming hours a statement from the Somaliland National Army Command will be issued.

This is not the first time that the so-called SSC Rebels led by Colonel Faysal Falalug have attacked Somaliland national army bases.

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