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Somaliland Police Chief Threatens Lawmaker Mohamed Abib

HARGEISA (SD) – Mohamed Abib, a member of Somaliland house of Representative said the Somaliland Police Force Commander had made threatening remarks.

The lawmaker held a press conference in Hargeisa today, detailing the nature of the threats made by Police Commander General Saqadhi Dabagale while visiting jailed journalists and constituency members.

“The Somaliland police chief told me that you are the enemy of Somaliland. He said, ‘Are you a Somalilander?, you should not visit the Police station.”

Somaliland’s police chief has threatened the lawmaker with unspecified action, according to eyewitnesses.

The Lawmaker added “I would like to tell the people of Somaliland and my constituents that if I go missing, Gen. Dabagale should be held accountable. “

Lawmaker Mohamed Abib is one of the most influential members of the House of Representatives in Somaliland and often speaks out about the living conditions of his constituents without any hesitation.

The Successive Kulmiye governments seem to dismiss members of the House of Representatives, whose election has gained a great international reputation for Somaliland.

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