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Somaliland: Jailed and tortured Journalists still in detention

HARGEISA (SD) – Secretary of Justice of the Wadani Party Yonis Ahmed Yonis said that the government of Muse Bihi has taken the path of previously failed governments and leaders.

“The Somaliland government has embarked on a dangerous path that has failed leaders and governments in the past, arrests, torture, intimidation, and violations of the rights of citizens who express their opinions and journalists in the line of duty.” said Yonis Ahmed Yonis.

Wadani’s accusations against the Somaliland government include the illegal detention and torture of several journalists.

“The recent imprisonment and torture of journalists are a clear indication that the government is no longer on the path to democracy and freedom of expression.” said Yonis Ahmed Yonis.

Wadani Party Justice Secretary Yonis Ahmed Yonis confirms that government had not just illegally arrested the journalists but also tortured them.

“These abuses include beating and torturing journalist in military custody, Naima Abdi Ahmed, one of the arrested told the media that eight of her teeth were damaged, other journalists like Ahmed Shimali was also injured by authorities.” the secretary said.

Journalists who have not yet been arraigned have been arrested for covering riots at Hargeisa Central Prison.

Human rights groups, the Somaliland Journalists Association and the two opposition parties have similarly condemned the repeated abuses against journalists.

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