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Somaliland: Police, Military and armed civilians fight over Land in Hargeisa

HARGEISA (SD) -The Somaliland Military and Police Force have provided details on how a conflict unfolded yesterday near the Naso Hablod hills in Hargeisa, involving clashes between the military and a group of armed civilians, followed by clashes between the police and the military.

The security forces reported on the conflict, describing it as a land dispute. members of the military had occupied a strategic area leading to clashes with armed civilians claiming ownership of the land. The situation escalated, resulting in a fierce confrontation in which six individuals, including soldiers and civilians, lost their lives.

A police spokesperson stated that the armed civilians attacked the military force in the area, killing and injuring some soldiers. In response, the military forces initiated a counteroffensive. The situation required the intervention of the Police force to restore order.

The clashes occurred as armed individuals attacked again, killing a military officer and injuring two others. The military forces reportedly retaliated by killing two individuals and injuring six of the attacking group.

The Chief Commander of the Somaliland Military, General Cabdirisaaq Siciid Bullaale, also reported on a second attack where military personnel claiming ownership of the disputed land attacked a Police contingent in the area, killing three Police officers, and others sustained injuries.

The Commanders emphasized that the situation could be de-escalated through communication and dialogue between the military and police forces. They also mentioned the possibility of mediation involving community leaders and elders.

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