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Somaliland police release figures for 2021 crimes in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – The total number of crimes committed in Somaliland in 2021 is 19,230, 4,400 have been proven false, 6,085 have been settled, 1,077 are under investigation, 7,668 have been prosecuted, 6,034 have been convicted and 1,634 are still pending trial, according to Somaliland Police.

Total of 89 murders were committed year to date by 89 assailants, with 84 suspects arrested and 5 suspects escaped.

Authorities confiscated 3,000 bottles of alcohol, large amount of cannabis, and total of 1,313 people were arrested on drug charges.

This year, there were 5,581 traffic accidents, 212 deaths, 3,771 injuries and 3,101 crashes.

The Somaliland Police Force presented the report at a ceremony in Hargeisa, marking the 28th anniversary of the establishment of the country’s Police Force.

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