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Somaliland police to investigate assault of Hoodo Gareys and her mom

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Police Force Commander Brigadier General Mohamed Aden Saqadhi (Dabagale), promised Hoodo Garays and her mom that he would conduct a formal investigation into their complaint against police officers in Hargeisa.

General Dabagale received Hoodo Garays and her mother in his office yesterday, apologizing for the injuries caused by some of the soldiers at Mohamud Haybe police station in the capital Hargeisa.

The meeting between the police chief and Hoodo Garays and her mother comes days after a violent incident between them and members of the police force, the incident was widely publicized on social media, opposition parties and the public reacting strongly.

The police chief warned the public and opposition parties against any criticism of the police force, arguing that it could damage their co-operation with the public, and called on them to share their grievances with their superiors.

Chief of Police Brigadier General Mohamed Aden said that the police just like anyone, can make a mistake, and called on the community with a complaint to go through the legal process.

Public outcry over the treatment of Somaliland police force has increased in recent years, with human rights groups calling for a reforms.

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