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Somaliland: Politicians and businessmen convicted of rape never go to prison

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of the Somaliland Human Rights Commission, Mohamud Barud, told the media in Hargeisa that some politicians and businessmen had been convicted of rape and had been released.

The chairman made the remark at a anti violence, abuse of women and vulnerable people event in Hargeisa.

According to chairman Mahmoud Barud, the accused are not released through the courts, while the poor do not have anyone to advocate on their behalf and face criminal prosecution.

“Nowadays, there are more and more women being raped and killed. There are also many rich people and officials who have been found guilty of the same crimes but have not sentenced by a court. so our courts only prosecute the weak, look at the people in prison. They are the weak who can’t afford a lawyer,” said Mohamud Barud.

He went on to say “The rich men can hire lawyers and are not convicted. You see the lawmakers and ministers running after them. Everyone is chasing the rich men.”

Chairman Mahmoud Barud demanded that parliament develop strict laws that address the increased murder and rape against women in Somaliland.

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