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Somaliland: President Bihi set to prosecute the opposition leaders

HARGEISA (SD) – The government of Muse Bihi Abdi is said to be planning to weaponize the country’s already compromised courts against the leaders of the National opposition parties, following last week’s opposition led prodemocracy protest in the country.

The protests that took place last Thursday in the country left more than seven people dead and hundreds more injured according to the opposition.

The government, according to opposition leaders, initially said it had allowed the demonstrations, but later gave full orders to shoot protesters with live ammunitions.

“People were killed and injured in a place 200 meters away from where they were allowed to protest, which is our office and its surroundings,” said Hirsi.

On Friday, the outgoing president Muse Bihi Abdi said on a televised speech, that the opposition will take responsibility for the state sanctioned killing in three major cities in Somaliland.

Sources who declined to be named, told us that President Bihi demanded that the top leaders of the country’s opposition political parties and elected lawmakers be summoned to court, in an unprecedented move to further escalate the situation.

The decision to summon the leaders of the opposition parties to the country’s courts comes just a day after the majority of the country’s parliamentarians said they will hold president Muse Bihi accountable for the killing of the protesters.

Hirsi Haji Hassan, the Chairman of Waddani party recently said that the two opposition parties have appointed a committee to collect the abuses committed by the police during the protest, and promised that they will prosecute, in time, anyone who is found to have been a part of the abuses.

The opposition vowed to continue their prodemocracy protests in the country, meanwhile the President Bihi vowed not to allow any such protests in the country.

The opposition parties are protesting against president Bihi’s desire to postpone the presidential election until the registrations of new and weaker political associations are completed.

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