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Somaliland president called out on reconciliation falsehoods

Hargeisa Feb 16, 2013 (SD) – The outgoing President of Somaliland stated that the traditional leaders in Laascaanood, accepted a ceasefire and are to meet with their counterparts from Somaliland.

At meeting held in Hargeisa in which high ranking officials from Somaliland were summoned, President Bihi announced that the military forces will remain in the area to ensure peace and that the people of Laascaanood and the rest of Somaliland are brothers and sisters.

He urged the people to unite and to reject any division that may lead to conflict. The President also said that the government has a plan to restore peace and stability to the region and announced a peace conference to be held in Yagoori.

However, The outgoing president acknowledged that not all Somaliland traditional leaders are onboard with his plan and some have questioned his motives and rejected in participating his plans to go to Yagoori, also spokesperson of the 33 SSC Committee in Las Anod has announced that there is no peace plan between the SSC and Somaliland that is currently in progress.

He also dismissed the statement made by the President of Somaliland that the SSC delegation in Las Anod were to travel to Yagoori for talks.

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