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The UN Fund for Agricultural Development forgives Somalia’s debts

Rome Feb 15, 2023 (SD)-The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who participated in the 46th session of the United Nations Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD, thanked them for forgiving Somalia debt totaling 30 million dollars.

The President praised Sweden, Belgium, Italy, and Germany for their contribution to the agricultural sector, as the Somali government intensifies its efforts towards achieving food security.

President Hassan Sheikh emphasized the country’s potential in agriculture and the challenges it faces, stating that Somalia has the opportunity to prosper if the people are given the necessary support and resources to enhance their farming skills. He noted that the government is working to counteract the threat posed by Al-Shabaab militants who seek to undermine the stability of the country and the agricultural sector.

“The Somali people have responded positively to the government’s efforts to combat terrorism, and the Somali National Army has achieved great success in liberating many areas from the militants. The land that has been recovered includes many fertile agricultural areas, and we hope that this will lead to increased production of food and crops,” said President Hassan Sheikh.

Additionally, the President highlighted the measures taken by the government to tackle corruption and the importance of developing the country’s financial institutions to enable access to credit and support for farmers.

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