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Somaliland president criticizes Somalia for Northerners running in Somalia elections

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi speaking on the sidelines of the Somali presidential election has lamented the fact that officials from Somaliland are seeking positions in Mogadishu.

Speaking at a ceremony at the University of Hargeisa on the study of the constitution, the Somaliland president singled out candidates from Somaliland running for the presidency, including Fawzia Haji Aden, the only female candidate.

President Bihi today for the first time confirmed that Fawzia Haji Aden established the university of Hargeisa, a fact that a successive Kulmiye leaders fought tooth and nail, leading to her departure for Somalia.

“Those from Somaliland, including those who have paved the way for this university, who have a solid foundation, who their father was known for educating Somalilanders, went to Mogadishu alone and said I will be elected president, I do not see that as sane.” said Bihi

President Bihi claimed that the people of Mogadishu are aware that the people from Somaliland who are participating in these elections do not represent Somaliland.

President Bihi’s statement comes at a time when he is reluctant to hold presidential elections in Somaliland on time, a move both the national official opposition parties called an step towards dictatorship.

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