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Somaliland Presidential Candidate: Unrecognized states like Taiwan will not do us much good with the recognition of Somaliland, Talks with Somalia would

Hargeisa (SD) – Wadani Opposition Party’s Presidential Candidate, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi (Cirro), has for the first time addressed Somaliland’s relations with Taiwan, calling it useless in recognizing Somaliland.

Speaking at the 2nd Waddani Party Congress in Hargeisa today, Irro argued that the only way Somaliland could gain recognition was to strengthen ties with major powers, calling on Somaliland to change its relationship with Taiwan to that of China.

“In order to get Somaliland recognized, we must invest a lot of time and effort and have a close relationship with the members of the African Union. For Somaliland Recognition, it is essential to having one of the major powers in the UN Security Council with a veto power to support Somaliland,” said Chairman Cirro.

Irro stressed the need for Somaliland to strengthen ties with China, criticizing Somaliland’s relations with Taiwan.

“We are proposing that our government improve it’s relations with the Chinese state, which is making significant progress in the region. Unrecognized states like Taiwan will not do us much good with the recognition of Somaliland. ”Irro said.

In his speech, Chairman Irro said that his Waddani Party will work hard to move forward talks with Somalia.

“The Waddani Party sees dialogue as one of the keys to recognition, so we will continue to make the Somalia-Somaliland dialogue fruitful.” said Chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi.

China ‘s Global Times newspaper recently reported that Taiwan is bribing some Somaliland politicians.

China, one of the world’s leading economic and military powers, has opposed relations between Somaliland and Taiwan, as China claims Taiwan as part of mainland China.

The Somali government also believes that Somaliland, which has not yet been recognized, is part of its territory

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