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King Burmadow to travel to Baidoa and apologize to Las Anod deportees

Mogadishu (SD) – King Osman Aw-Mohamud Burmadow, an influential traditional leader from Somaliland, held a press conference in Mogadishu apologizing abuses committed by Somaliland government against people from southwestern Somalia.

The king said him and other traditional leader would go to Baidoa, in Bay region, to apologize to the brothers there for their forced deportation from Las Anod in the Sool region.

“My trip includes a planned visit with other elders who will accompanied me to visit Baidoa and apologize to the deportees from Las Anod for the collective punishment, ”said King Burmadow.

The King also lamented the collective punishment of Somaliland deportees from Las Anod, targeting them ethnically.

“Brothers and sisters who lived in a city to be subjected to collective punishment, to forcibly deporting them, without preparation or being allowed to take their property. I am going to Baidoa with the other elders who are with me, as to apologize for that, ”said King Osman Aw-Mohamud Burmadow.

Somaliland has previously stated that due to security concerns they have deported Somalis from Erigavo and Las Anod.

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