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Somaliland: Public Schools Are Better Than Private Schools, exams show

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s Ministry of Education has announced that the students graduating from public schools this year got higher marks than those of private schools.

The ministry also confirmed rural students got higher marks than students in big cities, as confirmed by the average score for the 4th grade high school examinations 2019/2020.

The first place went to public high school students in rural areas with 80%, second place went to urban high school students with 70% and Third place went to private high school students in urban areas accounting for 66%, there are no private schools in rural areas.

The Ministry of Education attributed the performance of the public schools for having better educated graduates of the national service teachers and less students in classes.

The Ministry of education also attributed the urban students lower performance to rural one to spending lots of time using the Internet (social media), watching television and urban malls.

The released information did not include the number of students who took the exams, those who were successful and those that failed.

This result has become the most talked about in Somaliland’s education circles, as private schools were expected to perform better than public ones.

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