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Acting Prime Minister addresses the 75th UN General Assembly

Mogadishu (SD) – His Excellency Mahdi Mohamed Guled, the Acting Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, addressed the United Nations General Assembly, congratulating the members on their successes and also extended Special congratulations to the Vice President of the UN General Assembly, Ambassador Abukar Osman Bale, who was chairing the meeting.

“Mr. President and Gentlemen, First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your election. I congratulate all the members of the United Nations on the 75th anniversary of our achievements since the adoption of the UN Charter, most countries have enjoyed freedom and development.” Said the PM.

The Acting Prime Minister said Somalia is making progress with the help of the international community.

“Somalia has made progress on peace and security with the support of the United Nations, but after 30 years of conflict and political instability, Somalia still needs to be supported.”

The Vice President of the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations and Somalia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Abukar Osman (Abukar Bale) took over the chairmanship of the 75th Session of the General Assembly, which this year most world leaders will attend online.

The conference held annually in September, this year focused on the impact of coronavirus on humanity as a whole, the steps governments are taking to combat it and the resulting economic crisis.

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