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Somaliland registration center in Las Anod attacked with hand grenades

Las Anod (SD) – More details are emerging from a grenade attack on the Somaliland voter registration center in Las Anod, Sool region last night.

The large blast was heard in various parts of Las Anod, reportedly damaging the Somaliland Voter Registration Center and injured government soldiers.

Somaliland forces immediately reached at the scene of the blast, interviewing witnesses, who confirmed that the explosion was a bomb thrown into the voter registration center.

Witnesses also reported seeing troops arresting a suspected culprits of the attack.

This attack frightened residents of Las Anod and the voter registration workers alike.

The Sool regional administration has not yet commented on the blast or any possible casualties.

The attack also came at time when the Chairman of the House of Representatives Bashe Mohamed is in the region, encouraging Sool residents to participate in the upcoming elections in the country.

The Somaliland Electoral Commission has said they are committed to registering the entire population of Sool region, specifically, those who want to vote in the upcoming local council and parliamentary elections in Somaliland.

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