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Somaliland releases coronavirus test results

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland has announced the Covid-19 results of people quarantined and suspected to have exposed to the virus.

Somaliland said all the people tested do not have the symptoms, especially those who have met with two people diagnosed with the virus.

Mohamed Abdi Heregeye, director of Somaliland’s health ministry, told the media that there are no new cases of Coronavirus in Somaliland, apart from the two previously announced cases.

The director also said that special quarantine units have been set up in Somaliland and are now operating in all regions of the country.

Heregeye also told the media that the two Corvid-19 patients in the country are doing fine and that they are not in any danger so far.

The Somaliland government appears to have not prepared sufficiently to fight the virus, travelers are still pouring into the country and there is no social distancing enforcement.

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