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Somaliland releases info on Amoud University killing

Borama (SD) – Governor of Awdal region in Somaliland Mohamed Ahmed Aalim (Tiimbare) confirmed the killing of student Ibrahim Hassan Salad from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Amoud in Borama, and the arrest of the soldier who shot the student.

Tiimbare also said the arrested officer was a member of the Somaliland police and is currently being held in custody and will be brought to justice for his murder.

The governor also called on the public to remain calm and wait for the court’s decision on the incident, which is currently being investigated.
The governor also confirmed that Ibrahim, the deceased student and the soldier who killed him, are both from eastern Sanaag.

“The soldier who shot Ibrahim Abdishakur, an exceptional student who was in his second year of the College of Engineering and the killer are both from Eastern Sanaag, ”he said.

The killing took place minutes after Ibrahim and his friends completed their exams, he reportedly returned to the university looking for his phone.

The 21-year-old Ibrahim Abdishakur was a second year student at the Faculty of Engineering at Amoud University’s Borama campus.

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