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Somaliland: Representatives urge cessation of hostilities

Hargeisa March 20, 2023 (SD) – A committee appointed by Somaliland’s House of Representatives on the situation in Laascaanood has urged for the cessation of hostilities, the resumption of dialogue, and other measures.

The committee has presented 18 recommendations to the parliament, calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities, and the participation of all segments of society, neighboring countries, and the international community in preventing further conflict.

The committee also called for the recognition of Somaliland. The government was also urged to take measures to address the root causes of the conflict in Las Anod and to promote unity and stability in Somaliland.

The committee further emphasized the need for a comprehensive settlement of the governance issues related to Laascaanood and urged for the implementation of the agreements previously reached with the leaders of Khaatumo State.

Finally, the committee called for inclusive dialogue among all stakeholders, emphasizing that any agreement reached must preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somaliland.

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