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Somaliland responds to Puntland claims to recapture Sool and Sanaag regions

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland government has reacted strongly to recent claims by the Puntland administration, in taking back control of towns in Somaliland in the near future.

Puntland Minister of Interior Mohamed Abdirahman Dhaban-cad addressing Puntlanders at a recent Clubhouse meeting confirmed plans to recapture Sool, Sanaag and Ceyn regions which are in large controlled by Somaliland.

Sool, Sanaag and Ceyn regions, part of a former British Colony is currently claimed by Somalia’s Puntland regional state.

Somaliland’s Minister of Social Affairs, Mustafe Godane, responding to Minister Dhaban-cad assertions says Puntland’s claims are baseless.

“The minister who says we will recapture Sool, Somaliland forces are less than 19 km from his office, if he opens his window and looks he can see them, there is no one to stop them, but Somaliland is responsible” said Somaliland’s Minister of Employment and Social Affairs Mustafe Mohamud Ali.

Since its inception, Puntland has claimed Somaliland territories, leading to multiple clashes in the region.

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