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Somaliland senate candidates to deliver their speeches today at Afisyoni tent

MOGADISHU (SD) – Over 25 candidates will today deliver their campaign speeches to delegates at Afisyoni tent near Mogadishu airport ahead of tomorrow’s election.

The candidates will present their manifestos to convince the delegates who will vote for eleven seats in the Upper House of federal Parliament.

Meanwhile, Somalia’s deputy prime minister, Mahdi Guled had announced that the outgoing Upper House Speaker Abdi Hashi will compete a candidate over the senate seat.

According to the list of the candidates released last week by Somaliland’s State Indirect Elections Team (SIET), Hashi would run unopposed as he is the only candidate in his category. But the move faced sharp criticism.

Several politicians among them presidential candidate Fawzia Yusuf Aden and Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed have crticised both Hashi and Guled for ‘undemocratic’ practices.

Sai’d Omar Hussein had been picked for the race following consultations with clan elders, according to Guled.

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