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Somaliland: Speaker Khaliif returns to Hargeisa empty-handed

Hargeisa January 29, 2023 (SD) – The Speaker of the Somaliland House of Representatives, Abdirisaq Khaliif Ahmed, returned to Hargeisa after what some are calling a failed visit to Laascaanood.

He reported to the outgoing Somaliland president on the situation in the Sool region. He praised the action to remove the military from Laascaanood and said it was a great success in lowering the tension.

He expressed hope that the meeting of SSC tribal leaders in Laascaanood will not harm Somaliland. However, observers close to the Laascaanood situation say the Somaliland government’s delegation to Lasanod including the speaker failed to pacify the public uprising and prevent the SSC tribal leaders’ anti-Somaliland meeting from taking place.

The SSC Traditional leaders’ meeting, is expected to conclude tomorrow and is expected to produce resolutions against Somaliland.

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