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Somaliland: Speaker of Representatives resigns

Las Anod – The chairman of Somaliland’s House of Representatives, Abdirisaq Khalif Ahmed, who is in the city of Las Anod, the capital of Sool region, has today announced that he has resigned as the chairman of Somaliland’s House of Representatives.

“I resigned from the position of Speaker of the Somaliland Parliament, member of the council and member of the Waddani Party,” said Khalif who spoke to the media in Las Anod.

At a presser in Las Anod. he supported the statement of the United Nations Security Council and condemned Somaliland’s response. On the other hand, he said that the leaders of Somaliland will be held accountable for the violence in Las Anod.

He thanked the federal government of Somalia, the Puntland administration, SSC chiefs, journalists, people from social media and members of the Somaliland parliament and said they have shown support to the people of Las Anod.

As he left the assembly at the beginning of the Las Anod war, Khalif did not return to the capital Hargeisa, as Somaliland opposed his proposed solution to the conflict.

Recently, the Attorney General of Somaliland filed a case against Khalif with the high court, and the House of Representatives has been sitting for the last two days to decide on the case and the fate of the speaker.

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