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Somaliland: SSC-Khatumo and Puntland attacked civilians

OOG (SD) -The SSC-Khatumo administration has accused Somaliland of launching an attack in districts in the Sool region, following clashes in the Buqdharkeyn area of Sool.

Social media has been flooded with pictures of captured soldiers and officers from the Somaliland forces involved in the conflict, which the Khatumo administration claims targeted their troops in SSC.

On the other hand, a statement from the Somaliland government indicated that on the second day, residents in the Buq-dharkayn area of Sool were attacked by SSC-Khatumo and Puntland forces.

The local population defended themselves against the attacks by armed groups, showing resilience and a commitment to peace on the second day of the conflict.

The Somaliland forces deployed reinforcements to the Buq-dharkayn area, including units from the National Army. They successfully repelled the SSC-Khatumo forces of the Puntland Regional Administration of Somalia, who had invaded the area.

This region, along with several districts in the Sool region, has witnessed multiple conflicts between the Somaliland forces and those associated with SSC-Khatumo, leading to intermittent clashes and tensions in the Sool region.

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