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Somaliland suspends UN projects that undermine their Independence

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland government says it has suspended UN-funded projects that undermine its independence.

Somaliland’s information minister, Saleban Ali Koore, said in view of its independence, it had suspended all UN projects.

Minister Saleban added that they see these projects as a threat to their self-determination.

“We asked ourselves, are we willing to take anything that harms our independence and the will of our people, for small projects provided by the UN?” asked minister Koore.

The minister did not say what kind of projects were suspended or how they were damaging Somaliland’s independence. But he pointed out that there are projects that have been politicized.

Somaliland has repeatedly blocked and expelled UN agencies from its territories due to politicizing their rift with Somalia.

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