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Somaliland: Suspicious Fire burns down Wajale Market

Wajale September 17, 2023 (SD) – The business market in the town of Wajale, located on the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia, has been severely affected by a rampant fire that has devastated most of the market.

The fire has tragically burned a substantial number of businesses and, as a result, has affected the livelihoods of the local traders and the community. Additionally, the fire outbreak in Wajale has raised concerns about how easily it spread to other areas, as the stores are interconnected.

Previously, Somaliland experienced a similar crisis when the Waheen market in the city of Hargeisa was affected by a similar fire. The repercussions of such market-burning crises can have significant economic impacts on Somaliland.

In a released statement, Somaliland Government said it would investigate the fire, with trades not holding their breath, as similar investigations never revealed the truth, and now suspicious fires targeting certain communities.

Furthermore, in recent years, several markets in Somalia have also suffered from outbreaks of fires, including markets in Jigjiga, Garissa, Djibouti, and even Mogadishu, leading to widespread concern within the business sector.

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