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Hundreds of Al Shabaab Militants surrounded in Middle Shabelle

Mogadishu September 18, 2023 (SD) – A significant number of Al-Shabaab militants are stranded for more than 24 hours in an area known as Ciid-ciidka, located between the Mahadaay district and the Cali-fooldheere area in the Middle Shabelle region.

The insurgent group, which had been under attack for the past few days, emerged from the Shabelle River near Mahadaay and intended to establish control over recently liberated districts in the Middle Shabelle regions.

Upon emerging from the river, the group, estimated to consist of hundreds of fighters, reportedly initiated clashes and intense fighting. They became embroiled in confrontations and clashes with local forces. The ensuing skirmishes resulted in casualties and injuries among both militants and government forces.

The clashes have caused significant damage, and the remaining militants are reportedly pinned down.

The government of Somalia has indicated that military operations in the Mahadaay area are ongoing, and the outcome of the situation will be announced once the operation against the militants is concluded.

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