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Somaliland: the Guurti extends the president’s term as well as theirs

Hargeisa October 01,2022 (SD) – The Somaliland Senate, the Guurti, held a meeting this morning at its headquarters in Hargeisa, and after decided to extend the term of the outgoing President Muse Bihi Abdi for two years.

Today’s meeting discussed the extension of the term, and after vigorous discussions decided to extend the term of President Bihi by two years.

The Senate also gave themselves a five-year extension, and most of the Somaliland Gurti members seemed comfortable with their decision.

Somaliland’s presidential election was scheduled to take place next month, however, it is not known how the opposition parties Wadani and UCID will react to the Guurti decision of extending the term of the President.

The decision comes after the chairman of the Senate unilaterally returned to the House of Representatives the amended law of the country’s elections

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