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Somaliland to nationalize the Fuel industry

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland government says it will import fuel and commercial  companies will buy it from the government, according to the Berbera fuel depot manager Hassan Ahmed Ambasi.

“We advise you that as of October 1, the Government intends to import petroleum, We invite you with the utmost respect, to be the customer of our petroleum business so that you can further sell the fuel with a reasonable profit, We are very, very encouraged to work with us on this.”according to a statement from the Manager of the Somaliland Fuel depot.

“We are, therefore, requesting of you to provide us with an acceptance response as soon as possible and there will be agreements to sign on this within coming days.” said the depot manager.

This is the first time ever the Somaliland Government will attempt to nationalize the fuel service, and also informs the industry to be their customers.

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