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Somaliland to remain vigilant in Las Anod

Hargeysa April 07, 2023 (SD) – The Council of Ministers of Somaliland, led by the President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, and joined by the Vice President of the Administration, Abdirahman Abdullahi Ismail (Saylici), held a meeting in which they discussed various issues.

Firstly, they discussed the overall security situation in the country, which was presented by the Minister of Interior, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed. Additionally, the Council was also briefed on the economic situation by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Saad Ali Shire.

Subsequently, the Council discussed in-depth the important issues related to the Laascaanood dispute, including:

  • The Council expressed gratitude and support for the efforts of the Somaliland military in maintaining peace and defending the country and its people from external threats.
  • The Council condemned the actions of Puntland in their attempt to claim Laascaanood, which poses a threat to regional stability and could potentially spark a wider conflict in the Horn of Africa.
  • The Council emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence between Somaliland and its citizens in Laascaanood and pledged to work towards a resolution of the conflict through dialogue and negotiation. However, the Council also underscored the need for the Somaliland military to remain vigilant and prepared to defend their territory against any potential aggression from Puntland.
  • Finally, the Council reiterated its commitment to a peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the Laascaanood dispute and emphasized the need for all parties to engage in dialogue and compromise to find a lasting solution.

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