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Puntland criticizes the appointment of president’s envoy to Somaliland

Garoowe April 07, 2023 (SD) – The Puntland regional government criticized the appointment of Abdikarim Hussein Guled as the new Somaliland envoy to Somalia by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud..

Puntland has expressed reservations about Hassan Sheikh’s appointment of the Somaliland envoy, particularly as there is ongoing conflict between the Somaliland army and the local population in the Sool region, specifically the city of Las Anod, which has lasted for more than two months.

In a statement issued by the Puntland Ministry of Interior, six points were highlighted which expressed concerns over the appointment by Hassan Sheikh.

Puntland also claims that the appointment of Somaliland envoy shows bad faith and raises doubts about the federal government’s impartiality in mediating the conflict and finding a peaceful solution for Las Anod and other disputed areas.

The Puntland government has called on the federal government to avoid any actions that could worsen the situation in Las Anod and the SSC regions.

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