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Somaliland: Traditional Leaders Secure the Release of Journalist and Opposition Politicians

HARGEISA (SD) – Opposition politicians and journalists detained during the April 9 prodemocracy protests in Hargeisa have been released from Madheera Prison this afternoon.

A long running efforts by traditional leaders finally secured the release of the illegally detained officials.

Waddani politician Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir (Cukuse), one of the politicians released today, thanked the mediation committee and suggested that the conduct of the Somaliland Police be reviewed.

A voluntary mediation committee between the government and the opposition pressured the President of Somaliland to release all detainees.

Cukuse, meanwhile, said their imprisonment was not a big problem but the biggest issue is the current electoral dispute, which needed to be addressed with the help of intellectuals.

The release of officials and journalists comes amid ongoing political tensions over the dispute to hold the November presidential election on time.

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