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Somali President says he will hold talks with Al-Shabaab

ANKARA (SD) – Speaking in Turkey, the Somali president said that the government will eventually negotiate with Al Shabaab and the conflict will be resolved peacefully.

The president made the remarks at a SETA conference on Somalia-Turkey relations

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud said the government is opening the door for al-Shabaab members who want to renounce violence and extremist ideology.

The Somali president said the government has a three pronged approach to address the Al-Shabaab issue: military, ideological, and economic.

The president added the current policy against Al-Shabaab was not enough, and said the Al Shabaab containment policy had failed.

The president said security was a top priority, adding that the government was committed to social and political reconciliation, including a unified constitution and institution building.

The president, meanwhile, praised the relationship between Somalia and Turkey, saying it was not only based on humanitarian support but also on co-operation.

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