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Somaliland traditional leaders support elections in the country

Borama (SD) – Members of the traditional elders of the western regions of Somaliland have expressed their full support for holding of the joint local council and parliamentary elections on time, welcoming the three national parties agreement.

Speaking to local media in Borama, the elders pointed out that the elections have been delayed so many times and there is a great need for new Local Councils and Representatives elected by the will of the people.

The traditional elders of the western regions of Somaliland expressed their readiness to hold the elections in Awdal and Salal regions without any preconditions.

The elders said the issue of proportional representation needs to be given amble time for the government to collect census in every region.

The traditional elders comments come at a time when there is a large opposition to elections in the country due to lack of regional representation in the country especially in the western regions.

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