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Somaliland troops continue to Shell Laascaanood

Laascaanood April 29, 2023 (SD) – News from the city of Laascaanood, the capital of Sool region, indicates that Somaliland troops have launched a mortar attack at certain neighborhoods of the city, causing panic among the civilian population and damaging houses.

Some residents had to flee their homes due to the intense gunfire and explosions. Pictures posted on social media show the destruction caused by the attacks on civilian houses that were hit by the Somaliland troops, from Goojacadde oppositions.

Official reports have not yet confirmed the number of casualties, but it is believed that several people have been injured or killed in the clashes. For at least three months, there have been ongoing clashes between the Somaliland troops and the local militia of SSC-KHAATUMO in Laascaanood.

The conflict has claimed the lives of up to 500 people. In a recent report, Amnesty International criticized the Somaliland administration for its attacks on civilian homes and public places, such as hospitals and mosques, and has called for an end to the violence.

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