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Somaliland: Waddani Party criticizes the 2022 Budget

HARGEISA (SD) – The Secretary of Finance of the Somaliland’s Wadani Party, Mr. Ahmed Hirsi Duale, spoke in depth about imbalances in the 2022 Budget Estimates presented to the House of Representatives.

“The 2022 Budget Estimates contain wasteful expenses that the Nation cannot bear, including expenses incurred by Kulmiye for operating operations spent on fuel, overnight stays, hotels and so on. As you can see that the cost of basic necessities is less than the cost of operating. ”Said Mr. Ahmed Hirsi.

The Secretary added, “I mean that the operating costs of are higher than those allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Livestock. The budget of the presidency is more than the budget of 7 major hospitals in the country in the 2022 budget.”

Wadani Party says the government is increasing its budget for some much needed services that are currently under budgeted.

“As the Wadani Party, we are proposing to increase the salaries of the armed forces by fifty percent, and the staff of the Ministry of Health and the staff of the Ministry of Education (teachers) by thirty percent, by deducting expenses from non-existent areas. unnecessary and costly .. ”said Mr. Ahmed Hirsi.

Somaliland’s Minister of Finance recently presented the much debated and flawed 2022 budget to the Somaliland House of Representatives.

Social justices advocates are reportedly lobbying the lawmakers to either outright reject it or immensely amend the proposed 2022 budget.

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