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Somaliland warns SSC commander in Buhodle

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland Sports Minister Abdirashid Haji Duale Qambi, sends a warning to SSC rebel leader Abdirashid Madobe, who he said is mobilizing forces in areas under Buhodle district.

Minister Qambi said Commander Madobe had threatened to attack Somaliland.

“This man says he has a lot of troops and that he will capture Buhodle then attack Somaliland with the permission of the local traditional leaders,” said Minister Qambi.

The minister accused Commander Madobe of setting up roadblocks in some areas, the minister threatened that Somaliland will take action if he tried to harm the residents of Buhoodle.

Commander Madobe, who has previously been accused by Somaliland of smuggling weapons and money from Mogadishu, is currently conducting military operations in Buhodle.

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