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Somaliland wars Puntland of Voter registration in Sanag

Hargeisa Feb 01, 2023 (SD) – The government of Somaliland has warned Puntland not to carry out voter registration in the area of Dhahar and has supported the objections raised by the residents against Puntland’s request to obtain voting cards.

The Minister of Rural Development of Somaliland, Ahmed Aadan Gurey, spoke about the protest of the residents of the Dhahar district who rejected the Puntland voting card and asked Puntland to respect the community’s decision.

He stated that the community has decided not to allow Puntland to carry out any voter registration in their region and that Puntland used force on the residents after they rejected the voting card from the Somalia federal state of Puntland.

He warned Puntland against suppressing the residents and emphasized that Puntland should not harm the security of the area.

The residents of the Dhahar district are protesting against the voter registration that Puntland wants to carry out, leading to a conflict between Puntland police and residents.

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