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Somaliland’s House passes Electoral Law

HARGEISA (SD) -The Somaliland House of Representatives, in a session chaired by the Speaker of the House, Yasin Haji Mohamud Faraton, has today approved Somaliland’s new Electoral Law.

The House, consisting of 73 members, unanimously accepted Law No. 14, which the House of Elders had yesterday endorsed with 59 votes.

Similarly, Law No. 91, which the House of Elders had previously passed with 58 votes, was also unanimously approved by the House.

The Third Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ali Xaamud Jibriil, emphasized that the law is binding. If not signed by the outgoing president, the House will be empowered to enforce it.

The Vice President of Somaliland and other officials from Awdal region rejected the new law yesterday, opposing a clause that states that 20% of the total votes must be obtained by political organizations to become one of the three national parties, and they want the clause to be changed to a simple majority.

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