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Somaliland’s Human Rights Center calls for the release of opposition candidates

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland Independent Human Rights Center has issued a report accusing police of illegally arresting opposition candidates and journalists.

A report from the center confirmed “the arrest of the candidates is against the Somaliland constitution and electoral law”.

“The constitution allows every citizen to run for office, regardless of party affiliation. The election law provides immunity for candidates unless they are involved in a crime.” Said the HRC report.

Adding “Intimidation and interference by the Somaliland police in the Somaliland elections are an obstacle to the fundamental principles of free and fair elections.”

The report added that seven journalists had been arrested in the last four months, calling the detention of journalists unconstitutional in Somaliland.

The Independent Human Rights Center calls on the Somaliland government to release imprisoned candidates, and to end its harassment of candidates, the report said. Quarterly

There have been various calls from opposition parties, human rights and electoral authorities for the government to release imprisoned candidates.


Human Rights Centre Quarterly Report April 2021

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