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Puntland: five al-Shabaab members sentenced to death

Galkayo (SD) – Puntland Armed Forces Court has sentenced five people to death after they were found to be members of Al-Shabaab.

The convicted men are Mohamed Hashi Mumin (Abu-Dayib), Abdulkadir Ahmed Ummal (Abu-Abdalla), Mohamed Ali Awke (Jeri), Mohamed Abdullahi Ayanle (Abbeyle) and Qasim Jaylani Al-Turabi.

Puntland military court in Galkayo heard the case over two days released four other suspects.

The military court prosecutor said the men had been responsible for 13 years of repeated killings of security officials, government officials and civilians in Galkayo.

Video footage of the men confessing to being members of Al Shabaab and their actions in Galkayo was released, although some denied it in court.

On May 21, a Puntland military court similarly sentenced five people, most of them youths, to death after the court ruled they had committed murders in Puntland.

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