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Somaliland’s Petroleum Reserve Manager: 90% of our staff is from Berbera

HARGEISA (SD) – The Managing Director of Somaliland’s fuel reserves, confirmed that there is plenty of it in the country and that there is not a set quota for the oil in the country.

The Committee for Protection and National Assets Oversight in the Somaliland Parliament had a crucial meeting with director Ahmed Ibrahim Abdi. In the meeting, the MPs probed questions about the cause of the fuel prices increasing in the country and what are the appropriate next steps to fix the issue.

“There are abundant natural assets when it comes to diesel and petroleum in Somaliland. The prices in the entire world for fuel have rocketed, and the selling price is determined and controlled by international companies,” said Ahmed Ibrahim Abdi.

Ahmed Abdi also added that there was no specific quota set for the oil importers in the country.

The parliamentary committee also asked the Managing Director about the hiring processes and the diversity of the agency’s staff.

Ahmed Ibrahim Abdi confirmed there was no diversity and about 90% of their staff are from Berbera.

The revelations come at a time when rampant joblessness is prevalent in the country.

The Somaliland government led by Muse Bihi is now famous for its blatant disregard for power sharing.

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