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Somalis refused passage and stranded in Ukraine

KYIV (SD) – A large numbers of Somalis fleeing the war in Ukraine are stranded in that country’s cities and in the border regions between Ukraine and Poland.

The fighting is increasing by the day in Ukraine, with over 50,000 reported Ukrainians have managed to flee the Russian invasion.

A Somali men and women stranded at the border, spoke to multiple local media houses over the phone, and reported that they have walked for more than 40 KM to arrive at the Ukraine and Poland border.

“Our security is in danger, the fighting is intensifying, we cannot evacuated, and there is a curfew, the army is at our gates, shops are closed, we live on snacks we bought before businesses closed. ,” Abdiqani Mayow in the Ukrainian capital, told the VOA.

They also confirmed that the Ukrainian police forces are only allowing Ukrainian citizens to take all primary transportation out of the country and blocking the African civilians from leaving.

The Somali government recently said it has appealed to Ukraine’s neighbors for support in providing safe passage for Somali citizens and for not being required for visas and COVID-19 documentation.

There are not many Somali families living in Ukraine, but the majority who reside there are either students or refugees.

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