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Somali government condemns Somaliland-Taiwan relations

BEIJING (SD) – Somalia’s ambassador to China Awale Ali Kulane has strongly condemned the ongoing diplomatic relations between Somaliland and Taiwan.

The ambassador accused the Taiwanese administration of destabilizing Somalia after he said it had established diplomatic ties with the break away region, in an exclusive interview with CGTN.

““We condemn Taiwan’s approach to Somaliland and we will always protect Somalia’s national sovereignty and territory integrity whether from Taiwan or any other entity. Taiwan’s approach is really appalling in some sense because it creates instability in northern Somalia, Somaliland in the rest of Somalia and instability in the region by making a diplomatic relations with separatist militias and non state actors will further create insecurity in our region and really undo what the world has worked towards improving security in that area.” Ambassador Kulane told CGTN.

Adding “whether it was the united nations and the African union and the regional countries which have invested greatly into the peace and security of the region and the unity of Somalia. So I think Taiwan’s approach is very unproductive, unhelpful, to Somalia, horn of Africa and Africa in general, it undermines the peace and security of the continent and we will not allow this to continue.”

Ambassador Awale Ali Kulane also dismissed any agreement reached between Somaliland and the Taiwan administration, in particular the recent agreement on marine resources.

“Secondly, the agreement they made on the resources on Somali, Somali will not allow, we consider these agreements absolutely not involved, Somali natural resources and officially belong to the Somali people, and the Somali states speak for it, and we’ll not allow Taiwan or any other entity to plunder the resources under fake agreements. These are not protected by international law, both of them are not members of international organizations, so this approach really creates further insecurity, instability and we hope Taiwan to refrain from such actions.” Ambassador Kulane told CGTN.

Ambassador Awale Ali Kulane also stated that the Somali government recognizes Taiwan as a province of China.

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