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Sool lawmakers criticize Somalilander on Lasanod killings

Lasanod January 13, 2023 (SD) -Eastern region lawmakers in Somaliland have stated that they are working to resolve the conflicts in Laascaanood and have opposed a recent call by some traditional leaders for the withdrawal of Somaliland forces from the area.

The lawmakers, who are from the parliamentary seats of Sool and Buuhoodle as well as from the local councils of Laascaanood, Taleex, Xudun, and Buuhoodle, have expressed condolences to those affected by the conflicts in Laascaanood.

They have stated that they stand with the people in their criticisms of the Somaliland government’s handling of the protests and the deaths of community leaders.

They emphasized that Sool, Sanaag, and Buhodle regions are part of Somaliland and that the people living there have the same rights as other citizens of Somaliland.

They also called for the government to take responsibility for the deaths. They advised security forces to avoid any actions that would harm the public and warned the public against actions that could cause further harm.

They dismissed the call by some traditional leaders for the withdrawal of forces as unrealistic and called for all traditional leaders of the region to come together for a peaceful resolution.

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